Quality Management International

strategy, execution, operations

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Quality Management International 

Quality Management International (QMI) is a management consultancy specializing in strategy, execution and operations. 

QMI's sole mission is to deliver high quality professional services and solutions that produce value for the organizations and individuals we serve.  Our distinctive competence is the unique synergy and leverage we create through seamlessly integrating and continuously improving our capabilities in the critical disciplines and practices of leadership.


  • Strategic/Long Range Planning
  • External/Environmental Assessment
  • Industry/Competitive Analysis
  • New Venture Feasibility and Development


  • Leadership
  • Organizational Assessment and Development
  • Business Coaching/Mentoring
  • Management Training and Development


  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resource Management

If you and your organization face opportunities or challenges and need a new and different approach, an objective perspective, or an external point of view; or if your situation would improve from the right touch by a trained and experienced specialist, call us at QMI. 


We are independent, certified, professional, and we get the job done.  Since 1992, QMI has assisted over 80 business, government and nonprofit organizations in understanding, planning and achieving their growth and change driven objectives.

For organizational analysis, planning, leadership, development and management, QMI is your quality solution.