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Corporate Finance Services


How would your organization perform with additional investment capital?  What untapped opportunities would you exploit?  How far and fast would you grow? 


To find out, you must know what to say, how to say it, and where to go.  Our corporate finance service pursues investment capital to support your organizational growth.


QMI provides you with a range of services to meet your specific financing needs.  We combine sound strategic and analytical perspectives with expert financial knowledge and experience to secure the essential resources that build value for your organization.


We work with you to evaluate, structure, promote, select and execute transactions involving alternative investment capital sources that include banks; venture capital, mezzanine, pension and private equity funds; insurance companies, private placements, public offerings, strategic alliances and joint ventures.


QMI's corporate finance services include:


  • venture feasibility and development
  • investment due diligence
  • asset valuations
  • corporate investment structuring and consulting
  • preparation and promotion of investment marketing memoranda
  • investment opportunity marketing
  • acquisition search, valuation, structuring, and integration
  • negotiation of financing terms and conditions
  • closing assistance with legal counsel and financial institutions
  • restructure and workout analyses
  • divestiture and spinoff analyses
  • financial institutional operations and management.


We specialize in serving emerging growth and middle market companies seeking financing to maximize profit, cash flow and value.  We also work with earlier stage and startup companies, acquisitions, buy outs, and "special situations".


Our corporate finance approach combines innovation, personal attention, and a focus on results.  We are uniquely experienced in seamlessly combining business planning, organizational development, and investment capital financing, to support emerging growth companies.  We identify and promote the true value in your investment opportunity to distinguish you from other look-alike, sound-alike, commodity presentations.  The result for our clients is the most efficient and effective path to the resources you need to realize your goals.


QMI will increase your wins, and decrease your time and expense in doing so.  With QMI, you can secure the financial capital you need to pursue opportunities, grow your enterprise, and achieve your vision.