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Organizational Development Services


Do you wish you had a new, different, more effective approach to achieve an organizational development objective?


Need additional expertise to solve a human resource problem, or to realize a human resource opportunity?


Is your training and development staff under-manned and over-committed?


Are you unsure about a critical human capital return-on-investment decision?


QMI structures and focuses contemporary human resource consulting practice, creative human capital training and development capabilities, and applied organizational development knowledge, skills and experience, to sow and nurture change and inspire individual growth and improvement in your organization.


You can trust QMI's human capital management and development professionals, associates and partners.  We provide you with proven human resource, workplace training, and individual and organizational development services that include:


  • organizational and human capital assessment
  • leadership development
  • organizational change management
  • executive/business coaching and mentoring
  • employee and management training and development
  • organizational team building
  • diversity and inclusion assessment and development
  • human resource management and development.


QMI's organizational development services apply fact-based, data-driven, quantitative analyses to challenging organizational problems and opportunities, and we participate in implementing our recommendations.  Our solutions are individualized and customized to focus on your operating challenges and organizational needs.


You will have subject matter experts benefiting you with cross-functional, cross-industry perspective; external objectivity; and confidential analysis and recommendations.  Your human resource, training and development, and organizational development strategies and objectives will be met to your specifications.


We will move you forward toward your organizational development goals, with the inspiration, confidence and control you need, to feel and be successful.